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Kit79 , 23 Feb 2010

New here... need help!

Hey all, Just found you guys here. I've had the problem of skin picking since i was a kid (am 30 now), and I've known that it's a real problem and many other people have it too for a while. But I just cannot stop! My major issue right now is that I'm going on a trip to Hawaii in just over 6 weeks, and I have this huge sore on my chin that I cannot keep from picking at... It's gonna look horrible for my vacation pictures if i can't clear it up in time. I feel like I've tried everything... A lot of times I put antibiotic ointment on it, it just makes the area itchy. I think i have sensitive facial skin. But when it scabs over, all I want to do is get rid of the scab. then of course I feel so angry at myself for doing it. i just don't know what to do... :(
2 Answers
February 23, 2010
Definetly start reading some of the forums. Its really helped me, and a lot of advice goes to how to stop. There is exactly one forum about how to stop before a big event. Its here somewhere....
February 23, 2010
read this one: it's the "help...I need help now" one. your sore needs to heal so i suggest bandaging it up early nightly and keep it on for as long as possible. even for a whole day and night if you can as often as you can. the sore will heal best as you sleep so get as much sleep as you can. i can't tolerate topical antibiotics so just clean my face and put bandages on immediately. vitamin d helps wound healing ( as well as many other supplements ( best wishes to you to have your skin heal up nicely and to have a great holiday. remember to practice safe sun :)

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