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slightlyconfused , 23 Feb 2010

first timer and i'm confused

i'm 17, my skin picking began a couple months ago when i started noticing scabs on my head. i don't know how they got there, but now i can't leave them alone. i used to chew my nails, and when i stopped that they grew out (thus giving my something to help my pick). i chew on the inside of my cheeks as well. sometimes after i pick at a scab on my head clear liquid comes out. so to sum it all up- i pick at my head compulsively, and i chew on my cheeks, do i have this dermatilliomania? if so, how do i stop it? and what the heck is up with the clear liquid?
1 Answer
February 23, 2010
you are fortunate to be looking into your condition as early as you have. keep reading all you can here and on other sites about this. search "stop skin picking" for some good informative sites. you will find information about your cheek biting and scalp picking on many sites. the weeping (clear fluid) might be a sign that the sore is infected. it might be wise to see your doctor about that and your other symptoms to see if a diagnosis of dermatilliomania is appropriate. the earlier you investigate all this thoroughly, the better your chances of nipping a long term problem in the bud. all the best to you to have your issues the attention and solution deserved.

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