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ihopetorecover , 24 Feb 2010

Take ur anger/stress out here, not on ur face.

from what i've collected... most of us pick, due to stress. so, just an idea. but i think this post, is where u guys should let out ur anger/stress. whatever is pissing you off, whoever is on ur nerves, whatever, whoever. LET IT OUT HERE, NOT ON UR FACE! most of us r anyomus here. so, i think it'd be okay. i feel like venting here, will help reduce my stress, and help prevent me from picking. i hope this kinda works.
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February 25, 2010
Alright man this is my first time on this site and I just wanna tell my story and see if the support I get from you guys helps me at all. Okay so I'm a 16 year old guy and high school student. I'm 5'11", white but tan skinned, brown hair and eyes. Now, my acne started when I was about 12 years old and it was very very mild. Maybe one decent sized pimple every couple weeks and I never picked, and all was relatively fine. But now that I'm in high school, my acne hasn't really changed that much but my attitude towards it has. I get probably one pimple a week that I really can't do much about. It's blantantly obvious to people and popping it just saves time in the healing process. But I am so obsessed with my skin clarity that I end up with several scabs on my face that ruin my entire week and force me to kind of withdraw myself. Like I look at myself in the mirror initially and I'm pleased because 8 times out of 10 there arent any new blemishes. But I cant turn myself away and eventually these tiny tiny tiny blemishes become more noticeable and I pick at them in an attempt to maintain my perfection which is horribly ironic because it destroys my face and image. As modest as I can put it, I'm an attractive guy. I've been offered a modeling job in NYC and Abercrombie said to come back in a few years cause I was too young. I've got perfect white teeth thanks to middle school braces and a very athletic body. The six pack and all that. Honestly, I think that hearing people tell me that I'm so attractive and hot and good looking is getting to my head and in an attempt to be so perfect I search my skin for the smallest of blemishes and seek to terminate them, which usually ends up making the blemish much larger and noticeable. And what's really killing me right now is this. I just got over a girl that I thought I loved but I really didn't. She was way too complicated to work out a relationship with and the timing just never worked out. We're still friends but that's just unrelated background info. Anyway, I just moved on to a new girl a few weeks ago and she's really pretty and a really cool girl. I've hardly spent any time with her though because we've been forced to resort to text messaging as we were separated over break, etc. So now comes the time where we both want to spend time with each other and really see if we want a relationship to happen between us and my face is holding me back. Right now I have about 6 noticable scabs on my face and three should fall of by tomorrow night. A huge snowstorm is about to blow through my area so that buys me an extra couple days but I really need help. If I continue to pick my face, I'm afraid that my confidence with continue to dip and I'll lose my chance with this girl that I think could be something really great. So I'm sayin it now. As of right now, I solemnly swear to pop only blemishes that have obnoxious whiteheads or red tips. This has to end now. My plan is this: Look in the mirror quickly because nobody is going to stare at you from a close distance anyway. If I don't see anything major on my face, I'm going to turn away and never look back. I'm giving myself a 5 second limit with the mirror. Also I'm refraining from touching my face at all because not only does it cause blemishes but I feel out even the tiniest ones and attempt to scratch them off. It's over as of today. It has to be and it will be. I'm checkin back in whenever with tales of success I promise. Today is a new day. I'm gonna be the kid I want to be and everyone loves. Goodbye everyone. Wish me luck.
February 25, 2010

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yeaaa, man good 4 u. i wish u the best of luck. and if u have the tinest itch to pick, find something else to do with ur time. i guess in ur case: workout, play ball, go pick up chicks hahaha but man, sounds like u got so much going for u. i hope u travel the high rode, and dont let picking ruin ya.
February 27, 2010

In reply to by ihopetorecover

Seriously thank you. Like it's awesome to have somewhere to turn for support and I really appreciate it. I'm seriously dialing back on picking and in just a few days of hardly looking in the mirror I'm nearly flawless. I'll keep you guys updated but seriously, its a vicious cycle. Stress and boredom causes picking and vice versa. If you can break it, it's over. Best of luck to everybody. I'll be back and forth for support and updates.

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