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Anonymous , 26 Feb 2010

Can anyone relate?

Hello SP, My name is Jeff. I am seventeen, and live in a pretty small town in the US. This is pretty much me venting out what I have, in the hopes that someone will find a cure to CSP. Although not diagnosed, I am pretty sure I have Dermatillomania, or CSP (Chronic skin picking). The only area that is effected by CSP, is my scalp, but it's pretty bad. In class, for no real apparent reason, I will daze into this 'picking session'. Although, picking the scabs isn't the fun part. No, the real joy appears when I brush the scab off my head, and I get to watch it fall. Despite how embarrassing it has lead up to be thus far, I continue to do it. Only recently, have I decided I need to put forth action to mitigate CSP. I have been doing a little online research, and I have found that it runs via Genetics. My mother told me she did the same thing as a child, but not quite as bad as me. I haven't had any real traumatic events thus far, so that is pretty much eliminated. However, I am diagnosed with Anxiety and depression, after last year I tried to overdose on pills. I am currently on 'Paxil', an anti-depressant. I have scabs in a few areas besides my scalp, however I do not wish to pick them. They do not give off the same joy as when I pick at the ones on my head.I really have learned to ignore the pain, because the happy feeling I get when It falls of my head makes all worth while. I will pick at scabs, normally when I find myself bored, or in a situation that I feel uncomfortable with. For example, when talking to my therapist, I often find myself picking at the scabs. I have confronted him about it, and he believes that I don't have OCD, nor any other issue besides depression, he does not seem to want to navigate into that sector of OCD. This is an impulsive disorder that i'm getting tired of living with. I find that in the morning is the worst time I have it. Although occupied, I find time to pick scabs usually before 12:00. Whether this has any relevance to my schedule, i'm not sure. I have taken pictures of my head, after a 'good day of picking' and it's not really pleasant. There are 'crater' like indents into my head, from which I have been picking. Bloody spots, etc. It is the best thing ever, when I find a nice scab on my head, one that is nice and big. I know this sounds disgusting, but it gives off a good vibe for me. I also have acne on my face, in which I pick when I don't have any scabs on my head that I could pick at. Some reasons I might have addopted picking scabs: I suppose this started after my attempt to overdose last year around September or October. I don't know if it is my medication (Paxil) which makes me want to do this, or the impact of all the drugs I took that day. I have long since quit my addiction to pills, but I still get ridiculed and judged for that one day. I come from a very poor family, and that gives off a great deal of depression. I'm not real popular at school (never really was), I don't seem to fit into any of the clicks. I don't have the 'sexiest' apperence in the world, by far. I gain a great deal of stress from my teeth, they are horrible because I refuse to take responsibility. Overall though, most of my stress comes from being poor and having few friends. None of this is due to CSP, however I believe CSP came about because of these issues. Can anyone relate to this? Please help, thanks. -Jeff Contact me via email or reply here at the forum. email: electricnetworks[AT]gmail[DOT]com
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February 26, 2010
I had something similar for about 4 years. It started as a comforting/ nervous habit but then I ended up with a pretty messed up scalp that needed some help. So I showed my doctor and he gave me some steroid solution stuff. I forget what it was called sorry. But anyway. I would put this on my scalp about 4 times/ day and it would make all the scabs soft. This is sounding gross, but I thought it might help. Anyway. It wasn't as enjoyable to pick at moist scalp. So as long as I had the stuff on I didn't want to pick at it. You might want to show your doctor the scabs and ask for an ointment. It helped me. Like I said, I had this for 4 years and now nothing for the past 2 so far. Also, my hairdresser noticed one time (that I know of) and said that I'm lucky I still have hair there. If you keep picking it is likely that your hair will fall out in the patches where you pick the most. Perhaps permanently if you cause scar tissue to form. That might not help your depression... Good luck. You can do it. I did.

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