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caityrose517 , 27 Feb 2010

Wow, I had no idea?!

So, I am embarrassed to tell my friends but I want to share my issue. I am 19 years old and have been picking ever since I can remember. I mainly pick at my chest, back, and my scalp. I used to think I just actually had acne, that I didn't have a picking problem until literally just 5 minutes ago after spending almost an hour picking my chest thinking, "maybe I should do some research online." I found this site and realize I fit to the descriptions perfectly. I have Dermatillomania. While I still thought I just had acne, a friend once told me that scar tissue reduces acne so I went and got a full chest tattoo (tattoos basically are colorful scars) reaching shoulder to shoulder and I find myself still picking at every little black head and I am now ruining my tattoo, creating holes in a master piece. Luckily it's not finished and the tattoo artist will just assume since it was an outline, it just didn't set in well. I'm also now 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant which actually increases the oil in your skin actually giving me small pimples and I find myself destroying my chest more than I have ever done so in my life. I have scabs constantly and as soon as they start to heal, I pick the scab and can find myself reopening it looking for me. I don't have serious depression, sure I have my lows and I get sad, but nothing serious. I was on anti depressants like once in my life but it was just pressure from being a teenager that made me depressed. I am not stressed financially or in any way. I live a very happy life with my sweet husband and we have everything we need. I pick just because it feels good, no other reason. But it's like an obsessive shopper, I pick and pick and pick and it feels so good and then it's like I have buyer's remorse. When I'm done picking, I look back at what I've done to myself and just become so upset with myself. My poor white skin is so blotchy and sore and red. I'm truly embarrassed at what I do and my poor husband who is 28 suffers from adult acne which I can't help to ask to pick at occasionally. We are all suffering from my problem and I just feel awful. I'm going to the doctor for a regular visit for my pregnancy and plan to ask my doctor about what I can do. Thank you for allowing me to vent.
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February 27, 2010
venting is good. researching is good. acknowledging the problem is good. all this is power. i hope your doctor appointment goes well and he will work with you on this. i have a feeling that you will soon be on track to tackle this with determination. keep up with your investigation and learning all about it and realizing that you are not alone. all the best to you. keep venting and sharing too. i believe it really helps. :)

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