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katrinanoel , 02 Mar 2010

Found something that's really working for me!

I found this by mere accident. I have been on a rampage to stop my picking, and because i have had this problem a little over a year, i dont have any scaring exept very very lightly on the back of my arms. But after reading through this site, i realized i have to take care of the wounds when i pick, or i could do bad damage. When i relapsed, i began to put a nerosporined bandaid on each mark, or the particularly bad ones, and only take them off when i go to out of the house. But now, when i feel the urge to pick and find myself sitting in my sink...i dont pick. I have no idea why but...the band-aid is such a barrier. It was the biggest Eureka of my life, and immediatly i wanted to share it. Maybe it will work for you, i really hope it does! And if it doesn't, keep trying, do not quit. So now i take them off in the morning and do my makeup for school, come home, wash my face, mosturize, put on the neosporin or cortizone and band aids on any open wounds that could get infected, or that are particularly damaged, and dont touch it again. I swear. It makes me lose the interest. Maybe just seeing the band aids is a tangible reminder to QUIT. I look silly, and am going through band aids like crazy, but this is really reducing my urges, to the point that i dont find myself having them. I hope it works for you to!
1 Answer
March 02, 2010
i have picked for over 20 years and for most of them have used bandages just as you suggest to do. i swear i must keep the bandage company in business almost single handedly. although the practice did not totally deter me from picking it most certainly must have saved me from many an infection and undoubtedly from a lot of scaring. i would only too often pick madly upon returning home and cleaning my makeup off before rebandaging and although my sores would heal overnight, a subsequent day in the elements with makeup on would have them itching for picking at the end of it and it went on like that for two many years. i do recommend bandaging up highly too, though, to prevent infections and allowing at least some healing to take place. i also think that adopting the practice of bandaging up nightly and keeping them on for as long as possible would likely be very helpful to someone looking for new tactics to break the habit, especially if it is a relatively new habit. what is also needed, though, is a firm resolve to quit and a good look at what might be contributing to the need/desire to pick. support is also very helpful. talk to family and friends about it, perhaps discuss it a doctor, or even relate to others here. it all is support and it all helps.

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