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hopeful_4_bett… , 02 Mar 2010


just wanted to give yall a tip ;; after you pick make sure to put neosporin on the wound; it helps heal and prevents infection !
1 Answer
March 02, 2010
most definitely! that is, if you can tolerate it. i have learned that it is not uncommon to be allergic to neosporin and or polsporin and unfortunately i am one that is. in fact, i can not use any topical antibiotic ointment. but, a sterile bandage by itself does wonders, especially if able to be kept on for about 24 hours. overnight is good, as that is when the body heals itself best, but 24 or even 48 hrs is even better. and honey (unpasturized) has natural antibiotic properties so after picking, applying a mask of honey on the wounds for about half an hour before rinsing off and bandaging up is pretty effective.

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