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ButterBiscuits , 30 Mar 2008

Forehead picking

Hello everyone. I'm always compulsed to pick at my forehead and I never had acne...Just those little skin bumps that no one notices till you scratch em off. Whenever I look at a mirror I stare at my forehead, sometimes for an hour looking for "imperfections." I basically tell myself that if I scratch it off I'll look better, but it's the opposite. I'm trying a few methods to help keep myself from doing it, or if I can't resist doing it, prevent the brunt of the damage. See if any work for you, and post some you use maybe I could try: -Keep away from mirrors -Keep nails trim to remind yourself not to pick -Keep hands away from face by doing something that requires them for the activity. Thanks if you posted any tips... -Biscuit
2 Answers
April 03, 2008
I am trying to keep my nails short, it has been helping for me. But what usually works best for me is if I somehow hide them from myself whether it's bangs or makeup, bandaids, clothing etc
January 07, 2010

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stockings, socks etc...I think this is when i knew i had big issues when i had to work out ways to deter myself from picking..However, this site has been a godsend & i have not picked for a few days..making sure i put betadine on, as it smells foul

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