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sdcali , 03 Mar 2010

Any suggestions on how to treat scalp sores?? I'm desperate!!

Hi, I am a complusive scalp picker and I have so many sores and scabs on my scalp right now I can barely brush my hair. I've tried putting on neosporin at night or new skin, but it seems to just dry out the sores and make them itchy, so I end up picking them again. Also, it seems like new sores just appear on my head out of nowhere, or on places I might of scratched just once. I was thinking that maybe part of the problem could be I also have a dry scalp, so b/c it's dry and itchy that causes me to scratch it even more. If I could find a treatment or something to put on my scalp to help with the dryness, maybe the itchness would go away and it would help me not to scratch as much. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried over the counter dandruff shampoos but that didn't work. I've heard using tea tree oil shampoo can help with dryness and itchyness, but then I read some reveiws that said not to use it if you have open sores...has anyone had any luck with anything that helped their sores clear up? It's not like I can just put bandaids over them to they clear up! Please any suggestions would be most appreciated!!! I'm at a loss!
1 Answer
March 03, 2010
maybe a once/week hot oil treatment for your scalp would calm it. when i had scalp sores from my picking i used dabs of petroleum jelly on them to keep them moist and to remind myself to not touch them and slowly they healed. do consult your doctor, though, there could be something more serious going on. best wishes!

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