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Sara , 04 Mar 2010

HI, I'm new to this but I was wondering if anyone also suffers from eczema?

I have sufered with eczema my whole life and up until recently have hought my exsessive picking was normal. my exzema is the best its ever been at the moment but i still have one patch on my ankle and my scalp that i refuse to 'give up' as i cant bear the idea ofhaving nothing left to pick. (mad or what!!) i also suffer from dermopragia- a condiion where i also eat (revolting i know!) my skin. does anyone else do this? i also getsatisfaction from scratching my head on a dark surface so as i can see the skin and enjoy seeing the skin in my hairbrush etc ( reading it back makes me sound like a right fruit loop!!!) does anybody else have any similar quirks..?? as i say, although im 22 i have only just been aware that there may be a psychological edge to my problem. any comments would be really greatly appreciated! Sara x
2 Answers
March 06, 2010
Wow Sara, I had to register just to respond to your comment, I could relate so well. I've begun to come to terms that no matter what I tell myself, I will need help to stop picking. I've had bouts of very minor eczema when I was young, but in the past couple of years, the eczema has gotten worse. This unfortunately adds a considerable challenge for me to stop picking since the eczema itching causes me to scratch, which causes me to pick. Dry skin becomes tempting. I've also had those kinds of "I'll just keep this one patch" thoughts. I have many of those little quirks as well, including the ones you've mentioned. It's those little quirks that I have to break!
March 07, 2010
although its never been diagnosed, i think i have eczema in my ears and have for years (im 19 and i remember being excited by scabs and flakes when i was in elementary) the skin gets all flakey and itchy and builds up. i have to take my nails and scoop it out. sometimes i will just rub inside to see if theres anything there, and when theres a big build up i get excited to take it out and look at it. i feel like if i dont take it out it will flake everywhere and people will notice but im sure picking it with my nails isnt making it any better. i also get satisfaction from chewing on what i pick from my body and face and seeing and feeling the skin. i have never admitted that until i found this site but now i realize that there is a lot of us who do it, we dont have to feel like such fruit loops! there is definitely a pyscological cause behind this but so far i have found it hard to treat :( let me know if you find any answers.

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