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santa fe picker , 06 Mar 2010

looking to start treatment

I'm a first year master's in counseling student and found this site while looking for info on my picking problem. OCD doesn't quite seem to fit, although I've always thought it was related to anxiety and perfectionism. Anyhow, I'm glad I found this cause I can so relate to the constant cycle pickers battle. I'm 32, and have been picking at minor acne since adolescence. If I refrain from picking at my face, I will absent-mindedly scratch at my back or shoulders. I also know damage control really well, and have found that drinking aloe vera juice heals skin quickly. Still, I have some scars that may never heal completely, mostly from reopening scabs. And some enlarged pores. Its refreshing to hear other people talk about feeling powerless over this compulsion. Having someone, like my mother, telling me to stop has never helped. I can't even tell myself to stop, at least not for a long stretch of time. I think shame is a big issue for me, and most of the time I can hide my habit pretty well. I am required to do personal therapy as a part of my schooling, and would like to find someone who specializes in dermatillomania. There was no one on the list in my area, so if anyone knows of someone in santa fe, NM, let me know. I'm embarrassed to talk to my current therapist about this problem. She does mindfullness and somatic therapy work. We've had some break throughs in the beginning, but for the past couple months, I've been feeling like I need to see someone else to go deeper. I would take the leap and just confess my distressful habit, but I'm not sure she'll know how to respond. It's silly, as I'm writing this I realize I'm not responsible for her response. If anything, she can give me a referral. we'll see, I think I might be braver with someone new. I recently heard of someone that does powerful inner child work, but maybe I'm just avoiding the cognitive behavioral therapy everyone raves about. btw, I'm attending a very new agey school. so I'll try and relax in hopes that the right treatment comes my way. It was great to read some of the posts.
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March 08, 2010
i don't quite understand why you don't take the opportunity to fully disclose all your issues with the therapist you have. i would think a therapist would be the best person to discuss embarrassing issues with. how can she effectively help you with issues you do have without knowing all your issues that might affect others? wouldn't she normally be considered the best first step? if you don't care for her advice and if she doesn't have anyone to refer you to then drop that issue and focus on others while you seek help about picking elsewhere. best wishes to you.
March 10, 2010
i started treatment with an OCD specialist a few months ago. You may not think your problem is OCD related but that is how its viewed by the medical community. my therapist is having me read this book about kicking the habits of nailbiting and hair pulling, which i dont have but they are ocd problems like our skin picking. if you cant find a local dermatillomania therapist, an OCD specialist is a good place to start.

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