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cherrycolalola , 06 Mar 2010

looking for a "buddy"

Hi everyone! So I am looking to find someone to check in with daily. Im 20 and have been picking for 7 years. Ive done a lot of work around educating myself about this addiction, actively working for my sobriety (with tracking my picking/ its causes), doing therapy, and recently "coming out" to friends and family, but I realize now I need more support.Its been a while since Ive used the forum, and I am trying to get back into using it more frequently, but Im also thinking that corresponding with someone one-on-one, every day might help. It seems having someone to hold me accountable is important for my recovery. Is anyone interested in doing a daily email or IM thing? Im would hope that we could share as much as we wanted to, but also keep it short, like a "check-In" if need be.If you're interested maybe leave your email and we can chat. Anyway Im happy to be re-connecting with the anti-picking community. More power and love to all of us.
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March 08, 2010

In reply to by ocdFreak

cool beans! do you guys want to give me your emails? Maybe we could be a trio? Could I get your emails? I cant post mine without giving out my full name haha. hope to talk/heal with you soon
March 10, 2010
Definitely, I'm in need of the same. Anyone interested? I'm 32, Names Rivers. Do have and use the messengers.. Especially MSN, I get to use that at work.
March 12, 2010
Hi im interested in having a buddy I think it's a fabulous idea. Reply a message back if you want to.
April 02, 2010
My email is and I would love to work with a buddy too. Send me an email if you're interested!
April 03, 2010
Wowww!! What a great idea!!! :o) I'm reallyyyyyy interested in having a buddy, so please include me in the group, so we can give each other daily updates!! :o) My email is: Hope to hear from all of you soon! :o)
April 04, 2010
Hey! My email is I was going to have it the same as my user name here, but it is too long. I'm a girl, I'm in university, I'm a shy person. I have picked since I was about 14. My picking was/ is quite severe and has caused me loads of stress. I'm on day 6 of my 4th attempt to stop picking. Feel free to email me your progress and a blurb about your day or anything :) And I'll reply.
April 04, 2010
don't forget your buddies here in this forum, tho, k? and the folk that will come here in the future. please keep the important topics that helped you along alive in this forum, k?

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