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40daysfromnow , 14 Mar 2010

Stress reduction

For me, picking urges are made so much worse by stress. Today was a very stressful day and it made me wonder what others do to manage their stress. If I can lessen my stress I can lessen my urges and stop picking. Today was the hardest day for me. Even harder than day 1. So what do you do to deal with stress? Post anything, even the silliest and most simple tips. I'd love to hear them and give them a try.
2 Answers
March 14, 2010
these are things i've done for myself .... find someone to talk to about your issues, someone who listens more than solves … avoid persons and situations that make you anxious and surround yourself with those that don’t … try to keep positive … research the issues that are contributing to your stress and try to figure out what is within your power to change … research coping methods to see which would suit you … treat yourself lovingly … eat well … sleep well
March 28, 2010
taking a walk helps. deep breathing helps. massaging and/or stretching neck muscles helps. taking a break to read or listen to music helps.

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