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Tobes , 03 Apr 2008

Scalp picking

I have gone through a stressful time recently and have started scalp picking to a degree that is getting out of control. In the past I have pulled at my hair, and pulled it out until i had bald spots, and i still do this also, but the picking has taken over recently. I am in a happy family, but have a stressful job, so my release starts in the car on the journey home from work when i pick at my scalp. I can associate with alot of what has been said before, but i am already on 100mg sertraline, a day but i cant stop. I have recently been through a bad time at work, and am off sick, this has made it possible for me to pick and pull all day. I hate myself.
5 Answers
April 04, 2008
I have a scalp picking problem as well, while I cannot control it completely, I can usually resist when I find something productive or soothing to do. When I'm stressed I pick, so I usually sing or dance to relieve it so that I don't pick at it so much. Just try to find a hobby or something like volunteering that will take up your time and keep your mind off of wanting to pick. Hope that helps.
May 31, 2008
I have been doing this since I was about 5 years old. My parents, who are hairdressers have always done my hair. My mom always tells me I only do it when I am stressed out, or am anixious about something. I said to her, "Yea but I have been doing it since I was 5.", She then reminded me that when I was 5 that's when she married my step-dad and since I was an only child this created some knind of stress or anxiety for me. I LOVE my parents, and my mom and step-dad would walk through fire for me. I am 27 y.o. now. Other then right now, the last time I picked at this one certain area of my scalp was my junior and senior year of college. It's only one area that I pick. I had been going through some stuff in college that made me start picking, and i found a sort of relief. Well after I graduated in 2002 I stopped for a very long time, 6 years. In August of 2007 I moved to NYC and began a job as an RN. And this job makes me so stressed, not to mention I work 13 hour night shifts at one of the busiest hospitals in the northeast part of the US. I work as a critical care cardiac nurse. I noticed around october of 07 I began picking agian at the same place on my scalp, and it was always on my ride home from work, which is an hour long ride. When my mom and dad came to visit me, the first thing they noticed was I was picking agian. They immeadtly asked , what was making me anxious and stressed, although they knew, how long I have been doing it, and what can I do to alleviate the anxiety and stress to take my mind off of it. Thank god my parents are aware I do this, b/c half of the time I am not even aware. My mom always notices me doing it and says talk to me and vent, after I do I notice I stop picking. I have also learned to put neosporin, or bacitration on the site on my scalp and with in a few hours it seems to be better. But I have very thick hair, and when I do pick I end up breaking my hair at the base of my hair line. I also nitice when I get a hair cut I am less likely to pick. It got so bad at one point a few months ago, my Mom, who has her degree in cosmetology, along with my dad, got me some special shampoos, that helped. The other thing is the water in NYC dries the heck out of my scalp only making it worse, no matter how great the shampoos and conditioners are that my mom and dad send me. My fiance knows I do it, he gently takes my hand away from my head and makes me talk about my day or distract me by getting me to do something that keeps my hands busy. In march of 08 it begn to clear up b/c I had 2 weeks vacation from work. But after that was over I went right back to picking. But most recently It's the worse it's been in years, I know why, job stress and anxiety, b/c I work in such a high stress env. and to top it off night shift, I have been working nights for about one year. And since I am a Registered Nurse, I am trying my hardest not to do it b/c I deal with MRSA, ESBL, VRE and the other superbugs on a daily basis, and don;t want to end up with MRSA on my scalp. I am a super freak about washing my hands, but that's more so b/c of my profession, and keeping clean enviornemt, agian more so b/c of my profession. I do know one trick that has helped me, when I notice I am picking, I get a ETOH wipe and place it directly on afected area, it burns like H*** but I stop and don;t want to do it. Then I place neosprorin or bacitraton on the area and I stop. Inact I just did it. Wow, I can't believe how many people are affected by this problem. I am relieved to know I am not the only one who is dealing with this disorder I guess I would call it.
June 09, 2008
Hi. I pick at my scalp and fingernails, around the cuticle area. I wish I could stop.

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