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sg_0204 , 15 Mar 2010

Finally Im not alone!!!!!!

Hello Everyone..I thought I was the only person in the world with this horrible problem!!! I am more accostomed to picking the cuticle on my two thumbs rather than any other part of my hands. I've been picking my skin since I was in sixth grade and now I'm 23 years old. I remember it starting specifically in that grade because I was so anxious and nervous about school and now it seems like I can't stop. I remember there was a time when I picked on my lips and constantly had scabs on my lips, and before I started picking the cuticle on my thumbs, I picked the inner side of my thumb, inbetween your palm and second knuckle of the thumb (this happened in elementary school). I work in the medical field, so it scares me to death about contracting a disease or infection because of my problem, so sometimes I'll wear band aids on my thumbs(then I start picking the band aid!), but am sometimes concerned people will question why I have band aids on my fingers and then I'll have to share my compulsive and repulsive behavior. I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression when I was about 14, so I ABSOLUTELY believe that that is the answer to why I pick my skin. Does anyone have any advise on how to stop?? My family is constantly telling me "stop picking your thumb!" But I just can't help it, I do it ALL THE TIME!!! (except when I'm sleeping). Please if you have any advise at all, PLEASE let me know!!
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March 19, 2010
Welcome to the forum!!!! This has been a eye opener form me and I love all the tips we share and the support I get....I have had this disorder for as long as I can remember....I'm 26 now and recently it's gotten worse until I started practicing some of the tip and could talk to other poeple out there like me!! Good luck with the journey
March 22, 2010
Hi! I just joined this site today!!! I'm a 25 year old female who also rips the skin off the inside of my thumbs. I bite the skin off of a section of both of my inside palms, thumbs and pointer fingers. Often they get so calloused that i can't bend my knuckles w/ out feeling extreeme pain. I too work at a medical office, and i am always afraid of getting bacteria in my open sores!!! I often work w/ gloves or bandaids on my fingers, but then patients ask me what happened, and i always come up w/ new excuses! Burned myself, dry skin, etc. It's so embarassing. I have been to shrinks a couple times, but no meds or thearpy sessions ever work. I think one of the reasons i can't stop myself is that i LOVE to do it! I feel so sick and twisted admitting that, but i really do. I love the process. The way it tastes and feels between my teeth. The tearing skin. LOVE IT!!! But i always feel ashamed and ugly once i'm done. Some times i'll go at it hours at a time. Amazing how time gets away from me. My family too has been bitching at me for YEARS to stop. Since i was a toddler. It makes me feel weak when i tell them i really can't help myself. They think i should just stop on a whim. It bothers my new husband now too, because it causes my fingers/ hands to become super rough and scabby. Therefore, when we get intimate, i'm extreemly embarassed to even touch him. And he has mentioned how uncomfortable it can be "down there" for him. It makes me feel like a bad wife now as well. Sorry to be going on and on, but i never met or talked to anyone that could relate to me on this subject! It's a real relief!!! Sorry i can't offer ways to help stop. I guess my will power is just horrible.
March 22, 2010

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wow, your compulsion sounds awful for sure with all the scenarios you've described. sometimes, though, a person has to hit their personal proverbial bottom with regard to their bad habit, serious compulsion, or addiction before they finally declare a need to take corrective measures once and for all and for good. with your health being in jeopardy because of the job you do, i sure hope it's not a serious infection that becomes the "bottom" for you. and of course, i sure hope marital discord doesn't become the "bottom" either. i'd much rather that you just muster up the will power now before it comes to something terrible to necessitate you to rid yourself of your habit. i certainly hope you don't hang onto it as long as i hung onto mine. trust me, i know it is not going to go away on its own. it will only happen when you decide to make it happen and commit to a plan of action. for your health's sake, especially, i hope that will be soon. there's a wealth of information about this disorder now and many suggestions for approaches to tackle it, and of course support here. all the best to you!!

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