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hopeful_4_bett… , 15 Mar 2010

cant take this any longer !!

dont kno how much longer i can continue to destroy my face! just dont wana deal with it anymore... seriously contemplating the idea of checkin into a phyciatric hospital....again!
5 Answers
March 15, 2010
Just buy lots of expensive Skin Sore Cream.........and keep it on ALL your sores until they're all gone in a few days......then always put the cream back on fast when sores come back..... If you can't stop picking your sores.........destroy the sores with sore cream so that it's impossible to pick them....
March 16, 2010

In reply to by Troglobite

What is Skin Sore Cream? Is that a brand name? I have the same problems with my face right now, and scabs on my back that I can't stop picking. I don't know what to do, I hate myself more so I pick more and it's just a horrible circle.
March 16, 2010

In reply to by mindalone

I just meant cream for sores like neosporin or something. I don't use it... but other members here do. I'm in the same boat as you. It SUCKS. Read the posts if you haven't already. They are very helpful. I am doing well because of them.

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