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rhinestone , 03 Apr 2008


I'm 18 and I have scarred myself so badly that I cannot do things a normal teen can do. I can't wear certain outfits or go to the beach or pool because of these scars. They have made me very self-conscious. Not only that but I also have some on my face, and I HAVE to wear makeup to cover the dark scars so that people don't stare. I feel so ugly when I do this but I can't stop and my family does not take it seriously, they kind of say things to me like "do you have chicken pox" and things along those lines, when I told my mom what I think is wrong with me she didn't do anything about it and still berates me. Is anyone in the same situation? Does anyone know any ways to make these scars go away quicker than just leaving them alone?
2 Answers
May 28, 2008
I used to have to deal with the same thing with my mom. But since she became a psychiatric nurse in the last year, she has realized that this is skin picking illness is real and serious. As far as the scars, I have them too but it seems like not as bad as you do. Mine tend to fade with time. Do you still pick or have you stopped picking but now all you have left is scars? If you still pick, it really won't be any use to get rid of the scars because you'll just make more. If you have REALLY deep and bad scars, I would reccomend getting that fixed through a plastic surgeon. If that is not an option for you, I know that Mederma works really well.
June 07, 2008
I have scars too. I hate them and I don't know how to stop.

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