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rosie , 07 Apr 2008

Long-Time Skin Picker

Hi Everyone ---- I just found this site a few days ago, and so far all your posts have been quite comforting. Thank you all for your courage to tell about your situations. Like most of you, I've had this tiresome problem for too freaking long. I'm 21 now, and I've been picking my skin since grade 5. I pick when I'm bored, tired, stressed, and thinking... and have found ways to hide it from everyone I love, so that it's just continued for this long, and I hope I'm finally changing now. I 'learned' (lol) how to pick when I was younger and had acne... But I've been on Accutane twice now, and I don't really get pimples anymore, but I sure pick still! It started on just my face, but for the last decade it's also been sometimes my back, always my breast and face, and over the last year or so, also the backs of my thighs. Any skin that I can see I just search and search for anything that might be something! It's at that crazy point when I can look at ANY pimple and predict exactly how it will pop.. etc... ugh... I feel like such a freak. So I've given myself reason after reason and occasions galore to quit. Whether it's for myself, or because of an outfit I'd like to wear, or a vacation.... but I've learned that no matter what is coming up, you can't actually quite until you're ready to... But I've definitely walked around feeling like a monster, with a splotchy, sad face... Picking these days feels like I'm actively breaking my own heart.. Some tips that are helpful to me... maybe to you too: -- when i'm tired or fatigued, stay out of the bathroom and away from mirrors! This means especially Friday nights I find something to do, whether it's tv, computer, or just going to bed early. You're a lot more likely to pick when you're tired. -- Always stay at least an arm's distance away from mirrors, then you can't really see all the little imperfections. -- Shower in the dark, or candle light, it keeps me from picking in the shower.. since I can barely see. -- Antidepressants -- I went on Effexor XR about 15 months ago, and it's extremely reduced my anxiety and helped my overcome a lot of obstacles. It definitely helps walking away from the mirror after 'accidently' picking something. Hope some of this helps, and so glad to finally find you all.

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