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hopeful_4_bett… , 22 Mar 2010

does anyone have facebook ??

i just thought it wud be really cool to put a face to the person .. so lemme kno !
7 Answers
March 22, 2010
That sounds like a great idea to start a suppot group maybe on facebook, although I think there is sorta one already, but maybe for us who chat often on this forum?!?!?
March 22, 2010

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i hope some one opens a facebook page about this subject! I go on facebook everyday, and it would be nice to keep in touch w/ others like myself through that outlet as well! It helps me feel less alone w/ my skin problem. I checked on there today for a group, but couldn't find one yet....
March 22, 2010
well my email is add me! :)
April 20, 2010
support is definitely key in overcoming this hey... my email address is :)
April 20, 2010
there is another forum about skin picking. it is ... ... with the forum being ... there is a wealth of information on the site .... but it is in the discussion forum that you can register ...... upon registering there you can create your own journal that provides a personal interaction location about you for you and others ... and of course you are able to interact with others in their personal journal ... there are many topic threads in another area that are like the topics here and can be added to ... it is possible to send private messages too, so perhaps everyone might like to register there and benefit from the information that is there, too, plus have the ability to communicate with each other more privately ... the site has apparently been functional since 2005 or so with long time members still participating, although most often within their established friendships in their journals ... i have registered there also as wildflower and would welcome interaction with you there as well as here and it might be easier there, actually ... it is interesting, though, the registration process and the "secret word" needed to do so but the information is there in the margin and it's possible ... just go to the discussion board to do it ... and if you do, feel free to private message me if that's what you'd rather do ... :) ... and, it's great because it has better formatting features and smilies and allows picture sharing !! ... check it out !!

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