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flipside , 23 Mar 2010


I'm 21, and I have picked every day since I was 10. In 11 years, the longest time I have gone without picking is 16 hours. I want to stop. I pick my face, my arms and my legs. I pick in front of the mirror, in the car, at night before I go to bed, any time I am alone. Now that I am trying to stop, it's all I can think about. Any ideas on how to get my mind off of it?
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March 24, 2010
what worked for me was reading anything and everything on the topic and skin care and wound healing and began applying and implementing the information relevant to my situation and the then i found this site and committed to a challenge. actually, it was a challenge i made up myself. it was one hour or one day at a time because my experiences, albeit many more years longer than yours, was similar to yours in that i never could last even half a day without picking. so i began with a less ambitious challenge than the 40 day challenge after having begun to eat better, bandage more, moisturize more, and add to my vitamin regimen vitamin d, chromium picolate and bromolain. i also began reading non-topical books that i wouldn't normally have as a distraction. and after a week of managing to not pick, a feat i'd never before experienced, i committed to the 40 day challenge. so, i suggest your read deep in the topics in this site, and the menus, and learn as much as you can from the information here and provided by others and, most important of all, and crucial, MAKE A COMMITMENT to yourself and embark on the task. i've tried to share what has worked for me in a number of topics here. if you find them, i hope you find something in them to spur you on. i sincerely hope you conquer this now, rather than wait as long as it took me. trust me, though, you yourself are the imperative element, your resolve to do what is necessary. no one else can do it for you. you might need and find "assistance" with medications and or therapies and consultations, but your success relies on your own commitment. all the best to you.

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