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I pick everything and am sick of hurting myself any help would be great


April 10, 2008

I started skin picking before I could remember as well. All I know is that I was raised under extreme pressure and mental abuse. Im old now and still skin pick to relieve stress. I like getting into the zone, it makes me feel better. I concentrate on my face instead of all the past memories that flood my mind constantly. I have had thearpy, (8 years). My sister also picks but she is a cuticle picker. It may run in familys, noone knows yet. Just remember that we would not do it if we didn't get something from it. When I go deep inside myself and figure out REALLY what I WANT TO DO IN MY LIFE, I am able to start working towards that goal and do not pick nearly as often. My children are grown now so I do not have to put there every whim first anymore. I really wanted a place on the beach where I was raised but couldn't afford it. I wanted away from my big house with all of the problems a big house full of stuff contains. I found a small old camper for 1,200 bucks and fixed it up and put it in an R.V. park near my childhood home on the water. I can afford that. I am now happier than I have ever been. I have gone home. I paint seascapes and sell them on the island. I left my husband. I feel great. I do still skin pick though, just not nearly as much. I sure hope this helps. Do what is best for you and it will be the best for everyone else. My hubby now comes to visit on the weekends and its like a honeymoon. He takes care of the big house and I dont have to cook or clean or worry with him. YAHOOOO!!!