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bm , 30 Mar 2010

Online resource :

I just found and am reading it. It's actually interesting and pretty good. It's sort of an ebook written by a former picker to help you to understand and/or stop. Sorry if it's been mentioned before, I looked through the first few pages of posts and didn't see it, and thought it might help to put it here for others.
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March 30, 2010
there is a lot of good information on that site. i especially like the simple statement -------------------->> You are not a bad person. What you need is a new mission in life: one of self acceptance and love. You must make peace with your critical self. ---------------- especially the self acceptance and love part. i am on day 35 of the 40 day challenge and definitely feel more loving toward my skin. i am able to look at my skin now and see blemishes and leave them alone not wanting sores on my face. i don't want to break it open. i sooth it now with gentle massage with vitamin e oil. i am proud of my healed skin. i wish the same experience for everyone with CPD. it begins with a commitment and goes one day at a time thereafter practicing restraint along with good health care principles and a loving approach.
April 10, 2010
have you been to that site yet? there is so much there!

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