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scp , 02 Apr 2010

my new WHITE pajamas

After coming on here and facing my skin picking issues, I finally had the strength to face my loved ones and fill them in on my secret. Which was amazing and a load off of me!!!!!! One friend suggested the following and it worked!!! I have trouble sleeping, and will often pick in my sleep without truely being aware, and will wake up to bloody pillows or sheets, so my friend and I went shopping and I bought a new pair of white p.j.'s. At first the white pjs's were to be hung up for me to see every day as a reward, so when my scabs were gone and i hadnt picked for awhile id be able to wear them. But then i started thinking and truely wanted to push myself soooo, I WORE MY WHITE JAMS!!! and let me tell you THEY WORKED!!! it actually made me aware in my sleep. The first night id feel my hand start to search, and during my slumber my subconscience would say "your wearing white" and i woke up pick and blood free!!! its not a giant leap but if anyone has the night picking as i do, i def was the smallest of change that made the biggest of difference!!!
2 Answers
April 02, 2010
what a great idea! much success to you with it! keep posting your progress. it will be an inspiration to others for sure. :)
April 02, 2010
That is so clever! And they sound cozy! What a great idea. Don't ruin them! I'm so glad it worked.

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