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miranda , 04 Apr 2010

NEW - 21 pick/bite lips and skin around fingernails - looking for somone with similar problem so we can help each other stop!

Hi I'm new to ths site and WOW... I knew I wasn't alone in this but I sure felt like it. I am 21 years old and I have been picking and biting my lips and inner lips/cheeks so long that I don't remember when it started :(... I mainly pick not bite when it comes to the skin around my fingernails. I have anxiety problems and have been on Remeron for about 5 years but I'm trying to get off it since my anxiety is better and the bad habbits of picking never stopped when on it anyways. I'm more aware of my picking it in public and try to avoid it but I'm bad for doing it when I'm driving. I don't know about anyone else but if I feel a bump or piece of skin just slightly off I gotta pick at it and if i don't it drives me nuts!! My boyfriend will grab my hand to get me to stop but depending on how bad it is I will just get frustrated, and try to pick it off when he isn't looking. I found that using nail clippers for my fingers helps me to feel better about it but I will still bleed sometimes with this and I cant use on my lips. One thing i did notice sorta helped reduse it last summer was getting fake nails. They are thick and make it hard to grab any litte bit of skin. My fingers deff improved, and as for my lips I mainly just would bite them. Anyways I really wanna try to stop this, it is imbarassing and I annoy even myself with it. So if anyone has the same problem as me and wants to try to stop with me that would be great. Leave me your emai :)
2 Answers
April 05, 2010
I HAVE THE SAME THING! I too have been biting the skin around my fingers for yeeeeaaarrrss and my cheeks/lips. I am anxious a lot, but am on Zoloft, which helps. But I still pick my fingers. Everyone tries to get me to stop too, but its so hard. I do it most while I'm bored, or driving...if I'm not being stimulated in some way I guess. Keeping my nails short helps...but I've discovered that paper clips also so that doesn't help. I'm thinking of putting bandaids on my fingers for a long time until I'm not picking anymore, but I'm not sure if it will it doesn't help the cheek biting. BTW my email is
April 05, 2010
im 13 and have the same proublms since i was 6 all the same as you

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