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amyg22 , 05 Apr 2010

new to the forum: I pick my scalp & play with my hair

Hi. I'm new here, just found this forum today. I am 33 yrs old and I cannot stop picking my scalp and more so, I play with my hair ALL THE TIME. I do not think that I have trichotillomania because I don't actually pull my hair out, I just fiddle with it and run it through my fingers. I have long hair, except for around the crown, where the hair is only a few inches long, caused by me playing with it which breaks my hair off. Not to mention, I have started to get extreme pain in my wrists, elbows, and shoulders from the repetitive movements. I never had this problem as a child, it started in my early 20's and then stopped a few years later. Then it started again at age 30 and this time it came back with a vengance! I feel like I really cannot stop, I am so frusturated. I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I do this. I have been seeing a psychiatrist since I was a teenager for depression/anxiety. But the scalp/hair issue is a rather new issue and it continues to get worse. I never noticed how much I did it until people at work (I am a nurse) started to make comments to me like "why do you play with your hair so much?". Every fews days, a different person at work will make this comment to me. I am so humiliated that so many people notice it. Why are some people so insensitive? I would never ask anyone a question like that. What do they expect my answer to be???
1 Answer
April 06, 2010
i understand. i have picked at my scalp for years and i used to have long hair. my hands were always in my hair. i work in retail and last year my boss confronted me about it. i was humiliated. its really terriying to find out that people actually see us doing what we're doing. but i suppose if i were someone else and i saw me picking i would wonder too. i just told my boss the truth, that i dont realize im doing it and i would try to stop. so now i dont pick my scalp as much when im out on the sales floor but i end up going into the fitting room mirrors and picking in private. aye, its never ending. stay strong!

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