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WantToStopPicking , 05 Apr 2010

My front teeth are damaged from grinding my picked skin so many years.

I am 48 and have been picking my skin for as long as I can remember. I usually pick the skin around my fingernails but also pick at scabs or any bump or dry patch that I notice. Even worse than the skin picking is my habit of chewing/grinding it between my front teeth (incisors). As a result of this grinding, my upper and lower front teeth are chipped and ground down. I would love to get my teeth fixed with veneers however I don't want to spend the thousands of dollars until I stop this life long habit of picking and grinding. Has anyone successfully stopped this habit? It is so frustrating. I want to stop so badly, but I can't seem to. Even while reading this website, looking for some solution, I catch myself picking and putting it in my mouth to grind.
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April 05, 2010
i'm 54 and i've stopped picking now for 41 days and have a number of topics here on my process. i also have had crowns put on my 6 front upper teeth (1 yr ago) and in doing so have found that my bite has been altered. i cannot use my teeth anymore to easily bite my fingernails for example, or tear packing tape. i love my new teeth and my smile now. i hated having my picture taken before and don't mind now. and now that my skin is clearer (still have red marks remaining but they're fading) i'll mind even less! but might wear a bit of makeup if i know a cam is about. lol crowns don't cost that much more than veneers and i'd recommend them over veneers considering crowns are adhered to more "tooth" than veneers. i sincerely hope that you, too, manage to find the determination to stick with a commitment to put an end to your picking. you won't regret it and as living proof, i can say it is possible, at least for today. :)

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