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wildflower , 06 Apr 2010

Talked about this?

Who have you actually talked to about this and how has it helped? How long did it take before you did?
6 Answers
April 06, 2010
i suffered with skin picking for most of my life and never talked about it with anyone except eventually my husband(s). i would shut down any conversation started by anyone that might have asked me about my complexion, never letting it even begin. but gradually i talked about it with my husbands but was still pretty much in denial about my very real part in it. then i got scared with a bad infection and began researching and researching and set about a plan and found this place and committed to a challenge. once i made significant progress i opened up about my addiction to the practice of picking to a couple of friends along with my progress and boy did it feel liberating!! they're very happy for me and very supportive. my husband is very proud of me too and is glad i'm talking about it and being real about it. i think he's even a bit relieved to not be the sole person i can talk to about it! :)
April 07, 2010

In reply to by wildflower

I cannot stress enough the worth of telling people around you about your condition, it will explain so much. Infact just this morning I told my mum which I wouldn't of done without this site. She was so supportive and the first thing she did was hide my trigger which is my magnifying mirror. She said that of course she does notice when Ive had a good fiddle with my skin and my change in mood but didnt realise that it was mainly my own doing. I also told my boyfriend of 7 years recently which was AMAZING- why I didnt do it sooner. He too was really supportive and he said its better he knows as it explains a lot of times ive been upset and not wanting to see him (because ive been ashamed) and he thinks it was something he was doing, also the weekends ive ruined. So in conclusion- tell your loved ones, I urge you. Its support, motivation and comfort.
May 07, 2010

In reply to by vicstic

it's true. people around you have likely noticed it but have been reluctant to discuss it with you for a number of reasons, even though they care deeply. by opening up about it, undoubtedly you will find a world of support and love, not to mention feeling very relieved of the burden of your secret. it is liberating. now, i feel i can talk openly about it to just about anyone.
April 11, 2010

In reply to by wildflower

i just talked to my older brother about this and he was totally not aware of it being a problem of mine over all these years. that is, better than 20 years when we saw each other often! i explained why i got scared which catapulted me into quitting action. i showed him my leg which had mega wounds that wouldn't heal and then he showed me his shin which had a sore on it that's been there for over a year! our discussion prompted him to get some bandages which i am a firm believer over letting sores get hard scabs due to air exposure which tempt picking and so perpetuates slow healing. he also got a tensor band because i believe the slow healing was due to circulation difficulties at our age (50s). and i sent him on his way home to epsom salt baths with baking soda. he's not a full time picker but will pick at some scabs and he was very compassionate to me about my long time issue with it. it was exhilarating to discuss this with him and have him be understanding about it and i think i was able to help him with a little health problem that he would not normally have brought up but obviously needed discussion, better with a doctor, but it happened with me and i'm sure he'll be able to bring it up with his doctor easier now. talking about this compulsion openly and honestly is really liberating. i'm out of the closet !!
May 07, 2010
I've talked to my parents, my closest friends, my girlfriend, my teachers, siblings... a lot of people, actually. It's hard to hide because my arms are the biggest problem, so even if I don't talk, people notice the damage.
May 11, 2010
I've told my boyfriend, my dad, and my best friend. My boyfriend is wonderful when it comes to this, he's very supportive about it and helps remind me not to pick (though it rarely works). My dad was disgusted, freaked out, didn't understand why I do it, told me to "just stop", ect. My best friend thinks she has it too now because she thinks it consists of popping the occasional pimple. Not even close. I really think it helps me to talk about it, that's why I joined here (I'm new by the way) but since no one I know has it or has even heard of it, it makes it hard to talk about. It makes me feel better hearing other people talk about it too, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

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