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mizzleclizzle , 10 Apr 2010

spiraling towards nothing

This past week has seemed so stressful. i have not been very happy. ive noticed that stress is a major cause to the picking of my face, back, and arms. i know its bad when i stop caring and just let go.i feel so good when i do it and always afterward, ive noticed i feel dirty and grimy so i like to take a shower or brush my teeth. i could be watching TV or reading a book and ive noticed that when i get hungry and don't eat i pick a lot too. ive tried not looking in mirrors, and clipping my nails so far down until they ache, which work the first couple of days but eventually become moot. its like a roller coaster. some days aren't as bad as others but when they are it feels as if im falling down a black hole. i cant control my picking. as i sit here and write this i pick, i become distracted for a few seconds and reach to my face for comfort. im so frustrated. im in the engineering club at school and there's a lot of drama, mostly revolving me. that is the cause of this weeks stress. at least i know that much. im going to try to avoid the club for awhile and see if that helps any. does anyone have any god coping advice for me?
2 Answers
April 10, 2010
start with visiting this url which is part of this site -----> <------ then read through a lot of the topics here picking up on the ones that provide advice that you think you can incorporate into your routine ...

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