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alex56 , 10 Apr 2010

New here. I can't stop picking

Hey , I'm 16 and i pick at my scalp, scabs, ingrown hairs and at bumps anywhere i can find them. I have been picking scabs since i can remember, and my scalp since i was 8 years old. I didn't start picking at bumps and acne until i moved, about 2 years ago. At most I've gone about 3 days without picking my face and maybe 2 without picking my scalp. I used to have bald spots when i was younger from picking, but although i still pick my scalp, it's not nearly as bad i would say. I pick at the bumps on my face, chest, back and at ingrown hairs on my legs and arms. I have bad scars, I'm not comfortable with my skin anymore because of the scars and scabs i make. I try to stop picking as much as possible but i feel like it's uncontrollable. Sometimes, once i get in front of the mirror i start just making up stories in my head while i try popping bumps on my face, or anywhere else i find them, for an hour. The random stories seem to distract me from what I'm doing to myself. Ever since I've moved i have lost all of my friends and i feel like i have changed completely. I used to be confident in myself, now i have lower self esteem than anyone I've known. I try to be more confident but the most it lasts for is a few hours. My family knows i pick from the scabs i get on my face and scars on my body, my mom tries to help me but it feels impossible for me to change. I've covered most of the mirrors with sheets, but i can't cover all of them because of my family. I find cutting my nails very short helps, but i still find a way. I think it's stress, and to me it's just fun. I feel so relieved after popping a zit, even if the skin around it is raw. I'll cry the next day but i still feel relieved. I want to stop picking, I need help. If anyone has any advice please help me. Thank you so much. -Alex
3 Answers
April 12, 2010
I completely understand what you're saying. I distract myself with random stories that don't have to do with anything as well when I'm standing in front of the mirror picking. I even talk to myself as different people or as the characters I'm making up...ok I sound insane but I feel as if I'm a lot of different people in a different world when I'm making up these random stories. I wonder why I do this and wish I could stop, of course. Glad to know I'm not the only one though.
April 14, 2010

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That is the exact same thing i do! Sometimes i scare myself, i start pretending I'm other people and talk to myself,and before i know it, its been an hour. I'm not sure why i do this, but I am happy I'm not the only one. Thank you for talking
April 12, 2010 <------------> and ............... two sites with lots of information to help you out as well as the topics in this forum.

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