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freshstart76 , 10 Apr 2010

Amazing Show - Obsessed on A&E - Christa (Skin Picker)

This is Part 4 of 5 on YouTube of a show on A&E called Obsessed. This may have been posted before, but I thought I would put it on here as well: I find Part 4 particularly great because they focus in on Christa's skin picking (it also features another guy named Ryan with OCD). Wow... it's wild to see someone else who does exactly what I do, and all this time I thought I was alone. Seeing someone else do it is a HUGE wake up call, and seeing how the therapist approaches treatment is very interesting. (You can watch the whole episode, in five parts, on YouTube.)
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April 13, 2010
Wow, I just watched a part of that with Christa in it. Amazing. I mean, I found this site a couple of weeks ago, but it's the first time I've SEEN someone like me (like us!). Really brings it home. And how brave is she, not just owning up to being a picker, but letting herself be filmed picking?! Incredible.

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