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wildflower , 10 Apr 2010

Check the skin care products you are using for these no no ingredients

FROM: which lists: >>>>>>>> 1. Alcohols (propyl, isopropyl, alcohol denat./SD-alcohol) - They dehydrate your skin in the long term and cause blemishes. >>>>>>>> 2. Parabens (methy, butyl, ethyl, propyl) - They are toxic and will result in skin allergies. >>>>>>>> 3. Fragrance - It irritates the skin and causes headaches and lung problems. >>>>>>>> 4. Mineral Oil - It causes skin irritations by clogging up the pores. Prolonged use may lead to cancer. >>>>>>>> 5. Glycerin - It draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin, causing the lower layers to become dry. This happens easily if the humidity of the air is under 65%. >>>>>>>> 6. Propylene Glycol - It causes irritations to the eyes and skin. Prolonged use may lead to liver abnormalities and kidney damage. >>>>>>>> 7. Triethanolamine (TEA) - It causes allergies, irritates the eyes and dries out the skin. >>>>>>>> 8. Silicone emollients (dimethicone, cyclomethicone) - They clog the pores and prevent the skin to breathe. >>>>>>>> 9. Synthetic colourings (FD&C Red No. 6, CI 14700/RED 4) - They are carcinogens which affect nerve transmission in the brain, causing genetic damage. >>>>>>>> throw products with these ingredients out if you want to do good for your skin
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May 03, 2010
--->> <<--- has some inside information about cosmetics that should be read .... always be vigilant about what you put on your skin ...

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