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mirachambers , 13 Apr 2010

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i was just randomly searching on the internet like i do sometimes to find ways of reducing scabs and acne on my face when i ran into this website. wow. i didn't know that skin picking was an actual disorder that a lot of other people had. i've been picking at my face ever since i came to college about 2 years ago. i'm married now, and my husband has scabs and acne on his back, and i find it almost impossible not to pick at those too when i'm rubbing his back or something. i've been doing good the last few days because i've been wearing gloves whenever i read or watch tv or anything that doesn't keep my hands busy. but i do pick a lot in class, which i try to do discreetly but is still embarassing, especially if i start bleeding a lot. if my scabs would just go away over night, i feel that i wouldn't have a problem b/c i don't pick at my skin when there is nothing there, only when there are scabs there. but i do realize that my anxiety would probably come out in other ways if i didn't pick, so i should get to the root of the problem. i've been seeing a therapist about my anxiety and depression, so i hope that helps me. anyways, just thought i'd write up my experiences with picking and join the throng of those determined to rid themselves of whatever it is that makes us pick!
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April 13, 2010
using bandages overnight does a good job of healing sores so they don't get the hard scabs and if you can leave the bandages on even longer, better yet.
April 13, 2010

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i slept with bandages on my face for years up until i stopped picking 47 days ago and now my skin has healed and i have minimal to no scarring and i attribute it to having used bandages. my preferred bandages for my face and body (not hands) are the riteaid brand (in usa) round, latex-free bandages. they stick well and stay on over night and even under clothing. i have tried many ointments with them but have found they work well enough on their own. my sores would often heal well enough over night so makeup could be applied the next day. they'd do better yet if i could leave them on longer. of course, not picking has been the best thing :):):)

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