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stillsingingstrong , 14 Apr 2010

Healing tips

God, I'm going to sound like such a freak, but here it is. I've been lurking here for ages, and I just popped a huge place on my cheek. It's red now and swollen all across, and weeping clear stuff...and now I'm sitting here crying in my room because I can't stop. I'm 21 years old and I have no control at all. And just yesterday I felt so pretty...for the first time in a long time. So...if anyone can suggest ways to speed up physical healing, that'd be great. :(
3 Answers
April 14, 2010
i created a topic entitled healing with minimal scarring that might be helpful to you and do check into the number of other topics i've created as i've tried to provide a lot of information that has worked for me at least. and there are many many other topics here that others have created and or contributed to that could be valuable to you. i hope you seek the information out and that you feel better soon. <3 <3 <3
April 14, 2010
Heya, last thursday I picked a spot and although it wasn't a wound as such skin came off and it scabbed for a while. Now just 6 days later, its pretty much just a pink mark. I use pure aloe vera gel as it's really good for healing, plus an antibacterial cream like germolene can help keep a scab moist and protect against infection (If / when it scabs over, keeping it imoist really helps speed up healing) ^_^ I've just started using Tea Tree Oil because I've read that's good for the marks left behind apparently. I'm hoping the narks fade soon, had some marks for about 3 months now, I can see that they are fading but REALLY slowly. Also, dunno if you've seen the forum but try the 40 day challange. Loadsa people here are doing it. Plus there are loads of good comments on how to prevent yourself some picking. Just a few i read were to when u have the urge to clench your hands a few times and then deop them to your side, also jus shaking your body and jumping around. Try and replace it with something else, random but i find painting my nails a good one... my condition is about perfection, i pick to ironically get rid of it knowing it'll only make it worse really. So painting my fingernails is like a distraction... cos i dno if its just me but i find it hard to get my nail varnish perfect on my nails lol. Also not to get reeeaaallllyyy close to mirrors, only close enough to makeup etc, and try and avoid mirrors as much as poss. Sorry it's long but just wanted to give as much advice and help as possible. I'm on day 5 of my challange, positive thinking really does help aswell!! Sheila

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