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socialkittn , 16 Apr 2010

Just joined - my story

Hi all, I found this article: and I'm going to try the B-vitamin inositol he suggests and see how that works for me. I have been biting my nails since I can remember, but I made the transition to skin biting/picking at age 12. My mom has always picked and bitten her cuticles, but not to the extent that I have.I started biting my cuticles, dead skin...and then moving slowly down my thumbs to sometimes the inside of my hand and wrist. I usually only bite my thumbs and index fingers on both hands for some reason I've never touched the other fingers except for biting my nails. I don't know how to describe it. The rough edges just BUG me and sometimes I even do it when I sleep. I've woken up with my spots of blood on the sheets before and skin under my nails because I've been scratching in my sleep. My dad has always thought that I could just stop, but he doesn't understand that it isn't that easy. I find myself constantly covering up my hands and wearing sweaters even when its hot outside. I have tried lexapro (for anxiety and depression) and my psych seemed to think it would help. Instead it made me extremely tired and did not make me stop picking at all. I have stopped and started many times. Gotten to the edge of being healed and then one thing sets me off and its starting all over again. Another thing is that I have slight eczema on my hands as well, and I am ALWAYS putting on lotions and creams to stop the dryness. Sometimes when it itches I can't help but scratch it, and scratch it HARD. I know in my heart and in my mind that it looks absolutely terrible. Not to mention most people think its disgusting and weird. I've been asked about my hands before (Omg what happened to you?!) and I've said everything from "I burned them accidentally" to "scraped them when I was moving" to just changing the subject awkwardly. Sorry this was so long and scattered I look forward to any advice, and hearing what has worked for others. It's nice to air this out and hopefully I can help and support you guys too.
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April 16, 2010
a very interesting article indeed! i would be interested, too, to hear how the b-vitamin inositol works for you. it does sound like you have had enough of a problem with your cpd, i hope it does help. about your eczema, i recently read that banana peel helps with psoriasis and having a patch of psoriasis on my elbow, i tried it. i held a piece on the patch during a television show i was watching and noticed a big change in it so the next night i plastic wrapped a piece to the patch and slept with on and i can't believe it. the patch is gone! having read that you have eczema it made me google banana peel and eczema and sure enough, eczema was also listed in the conditions that banana peel therapy helps. just don't give your hair a mashed banana treatment !! i tried that and it was a fiasco !! lol

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