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When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

- How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
- Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Past client, finished the program in April 2019

1. The program was absolutely beneficial - I can't say that I'm "cured" of my skinpicking, but now I know that it's not about trying to control the urges. I feel so much more prepared to deal with my skinpicking behaviours - I have a whole new knowledge set and understanding of this behaviour, and a toolbox full of strategies to use! In fact, this program didn't just help me address my skinpicking behaviours - by addressing them, I also addressed some other areas in my life that needed attention/work. 2. Yes, I absolutely would [recommend it to others]. I like the fact that the program is at your own pace, you can save the worksheets for future reference, and your therapist always responds quickly and with understanding!

Past client, finished the program in April 2019

In general, I’m moderately positive about the program. I do believe it was beneficial; according to the objective tracking on the site, there was a measurable drop in the amount of picking I do. I also have tools, such as the app, that I can use to continue to monitor picking in the future as needed. I found the material informative and I appreciate that it spanned the gamut from simple behavioral control to awareness training and general life satisfaction/purpose. More than anything, I think that it’s a blessing that a site like SKINPICK exists. For most of my life, this behavior has felt unusual, niche, poorly researched. Knowing that there is a research base accumulating and a place other people such as myself can visit to get help with skin picking is a real comfort. I am hopeful that newsletters will continue be sent that highlight ongoing research (and hoping that the research continues!) – I will read them.

Past client, finished the program in March 2019

The program provided the accountability I needed to begin to make changes. The emphasis on values clarification helped me see how my behavior was interfering with what is important to me in life. I recognized the time spent on skin-picking could be spent on exercise and writing. It was helpful to see that judging myself was counterproductive. That instead I needed to simply notice the behavior, without self-criticism, and find appropriate substitutes for this behavior. My skin-picking has been reduced by 90 %. Occasionally I notice dead skin and work at removing it. But I am glad not to be doing this regularly. Thank you for your support.

Past client, finished the program in March 2019

I would highly recommend this program to anyone that has skin picking disorder. It is very well organized, and I appreciated the evidence based approach, and layout of the online learning. This program is a lot of work , but also much more accessible and less intimidating than in person traditional counselling. Nothing has worked for me in the past, and I tried so many different treatment approaches- After completion of the program, I feel I have a good handle on the condition and my triggers, and I would say that I now know how to manage CSP, versus have it control my life. I'm so grateful this program exists! I wish there was this type of online resource & support for other mental health conditions.

Past client, finished the program in March 2019

1. The program overall helped me address feelings that I didn't even realize were the cause of my picking, and helped me gain a new mindset and tactics to help stop it. It helps not only in dealing with unwanted behavior, but unpleasant emotions. 2. I would recommend this program to someone else who was looking for help, and I'll make sure to if I ever meet anyone else with my condition.
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