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Allen H. Weg, Ed.D.

allen weg.


Allen H. Weg, Ed.D Director


Stress & Anxiety Services of NJ A-2 Brier Hill Ct East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Credentials and Degrees

TLC Certification, NJ Licensed Psychologist, M.A. in Clinical-Experimental Psychology, Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology

Treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral, short-term, symptom-reduction focused, psycho-educational therapy. We utilize a comprehensive approach which addresses many areas that play a role in skin picking, including the need for physical manipulation, skin surface stimulation, habit control, environmental trigger awareness and control, emotional identification and management, and the drive towards perfectionism. These strategies are combined with those utilized in Habit Reversal Training, such as the employment of mutually exclusive behavioral responses. Motivational Interviewing, self-monitoring, family education and support, and the option of psychiatric referral and intervention are also parts of this protocol.

Contact info

732-390-6694 x1 email: AWeg [at]

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