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Elena Woughter


Elena Woughter


2449 Pine Street, Boulder, CO, 80302

Credentials and Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling, Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy - Naropa University.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Performance - Fordham University.
  • Integrating CBT and Exposure & Response Prevention for Treatment of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Social Anxiety, & Phobias - PESI.
  • OCD in Adults: Symptoms, Assessments, & An Introduction to First Line Treatments - NOCD.

Therapy methods

CBT techniques, EMDR, ERP, play therapy interventions, parental training, skin picking journals, habit reversal techniques, Chinese Medicine.


The Kairos Wellness Collective is committed to delivering quality holistic care for clients experiencing, but not limited to, OCD and Anxiety.

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