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Eric Storch, Ph.D..

Eric Storch, Ph.D.


Eric Storch, Ph.D.


880 6th Street South 4th Floor North, Suite 460 St. Petersburg, FL 33701


At the Rothman Center for Neuropsychiatry at the University of South Florida, we provide expert psychological and psychiatric care for a range of obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders (e.g., OCD, trichotillomania, skinpicking, tics, etc.) and anxiety disorders. We provide Habit Reversal Training to treat skin picking, tic disorders (including Tourette’s Syndrome), and hair pulling (trichotillomania). We provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with exposure and response prevention for OCD and other anxiety disorders. Finally, psychiatric consultation and treatment is offered when appropriate. Our group conducts considerable research into each of these disorders and have published over 300 articles in the past 10 years on such topics. We have received funding from the government and foundations for our work.

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rothmanctr [at] 727-767-8230

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