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Jane Bodine, LCPC


Jane Bodine, LCPC


200 S. Main St. Naperville, IL 60540

Treatment methods

I use habit reversal, cognitive behavior therapy, exposure and response prevention, individual, family, couple and group therapy.


My treatment has spanned a time period of more than 22 years in private practice. I started with eating disorders, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse treatment. I mainly focused on women and children. When I started with OCD, panic and trichotillomania and skinpicking in the mid 80's, I started to work with OCD and OCD spectrum disorders more exclusively. There are so few people that work in specialization with these disorders, it quickly became clear to me I needed to be in the forefront in providing treatment. I have successfully treated pickers, pullers, bingers, compulsives, obsessives, cutters, and compulsive overeaters as well.

Contact info

phone: 630-416-3146 email: janeoctric [at]

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