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John V. Silvestre, MS, LCSW


John V. Silvestre, MS, LCSW


1) 680 West End Avenue, Suite#1B New York, NY 10025 2) 2 Blueberry Hill Road Irvington, NY 10533

Credentials and Degrees

Licenciateship in Clinical Psychology from Lisbon University and a Masters in Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, New York.

Treatment methods

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy including habit reversal stimulus control and stress management techniques. The main components of skin picking treatment, include self-monitoring of skin picking behaviors, coping skills comprising of identifying situations where skin picking occurs and learning alternative behaviors to avoid picking. In addition to learning competing responses and relaxation techniques, supporting the client's social network is also important.

Contact info

212-362-5413 914-830-7923 jsilves836 [at]

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