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Karen L. Cassiday, Ph.D.


Karen L. Cassiday, Ph.D.


1st office is The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago
707 Lake Cook Road, suite 310,
Deerfield, IL  60015
2nd office is The Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago
656 West Randolph, suite 4W
Chicago, IL  60661

Treatment methods

cognitive-behavioral therapy, therapy groups, Habit Reversal Training for trichotillomania and compulsive skin-picking.


'We are a specialty clinic offering cognitive-behavioral, empirically derived treatments for trichotillomania, skin-picking, OC spectrum disorders, and anxiety disorders. We use the full range of cognitive behavioral strategies depending upon a functional analysis of the individual's pulling or picking profile. We offer intensive treatment for severe disorders. We are located in both downtown Chicago and a near, northern suburb, Northbrook.'

Contact info

phone: 847-559-0001 (ext 3), 312-441-1300

email: Karen: klcassiday [at]


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