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Priscilla Elliott

Priscilla Elliott, MA, LPC


Priscilla Elliott, MA, LPC, SEP


Austin, Texas

Credentials and Degrees

Licensed Professional Counselor; License Number: 67583

Masters in Counseling. BA in Applied Psychology

Therapy methods

I approach counseling from from a strength-based, person centered perspective, in which I employ a variety of Comprehensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools, emotional exploration, and body focused approaches such as Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness. I frequently find that my clients need to address skin picking concurrently with other issues, such as major life transitions, trauma, or anxiety. As of 2014, I now see clients also online via video conferencing for adults that live in the state of Texas.


“From caring comes courage.” These words from Lao Tzu reflect my approach to the counseling process. I believe the trust that grows in a relationship has a healing and empowering effect leading people to take courageous steps forward. I tailor therapy to suit the unique circumstances and abilities of each client. In addition to reducing the skin picking behavior, one goal of therapy will be greater understanding of life experiences and acceptance of self. It is these skills that enable people to deal with issues that once may have interfered with living and making solid connections with others.

Contact info

Tel: 512-673-3987

email: priscilla [at]


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