May 17th, 2015

Cooperation opportunities with mental health professionals

If you’re a behavioral health professional, interested in excoriation disorder treatment, we can work together. Here are the cooperation opportunities we’re open to:

Therapist Directory

Do you work with dermatillomania clients? Get a free listing in our directory!

Join Our Team

We’re constantly in the lookout for experienced treatment providers to join our professional team. Reach out!

Guest Blogging

Do you write about mental health? Are you interested in posting a guest post in our blog? Let us know!

Professional Training

We provide professional training for treatment providers who’re interested in expanding their expertise to BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors such as dermatillomania).

Use Our Platform

Would you like to utilize our therapy program for your clients? We can cooperate. Let us know!

Academic Research

We offer help to researchers in the field of dermatillomania and related disorders. We can help you recruit subjects, and even share data with you. Ask us!

Interested In Any Of The Above? Contact us now!

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