The Complete Guide to Excoriation (skin picking) Disorder


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By reading this book you will:

  • Learn about the treatment methods that work.
  • Get to know different therapy systems that have proven effective in treating compulsive picking.
  • Learn about different variations of compulsive picking, different kinds of symptoms and areas of body affected.
  • Find comprehensive explanations about your specific symptoms.
  • Understand the nature of people who are prone to developing this disorder.
  • Learn about all the possible causes of the disorder, viewed from different scientific and medical approaches.
  • Be guided through the process of choosing the best therapist for your specific case (if you’re willing and able to attend therapy).
  • Learn effective coping strategies that will assist you along the way to recovery.
  • Understand the nature of compulsive behaviors and get acquainted with similar disorders (that fall under same scope with compulsive skin picking).
  • Learn about treating compulsive picking in children.
  • Discover practical tips about how to identify the disorder in others and how to approach them.

How to stop picking?

Most common question we're being asked is: “how to stop picking my skin?”. You’re probably asking the same question. And it’s a good thing. Most people don’t.

People who suffer from it do a good job hiding it. They usually are very secretive about their compulsion, and often don’t seek help, sometimes not even knowing what’s wrong with them. The result is that Compulsive Skin Picking is much more common than you would think. For example: as much as 4% of all college students have picking compulsions. That’s a huge number of people, to name only one demographic.

Since sufferers don’t reach out for help, not much is known about this disorder. It gets little attention from scientists and doctors in terms of research. Literature on this topic is scarce. And there’s currently no pill that can cure it.

However, there are few treatment methods that work.

The most important decision you’re going to make if you want to stop picking is in choosing the right treatment method. No method fits everyone. Choosing the right method depends on your specific symptoms (ways of picking) and the initial cause of your disorder.

Which brings me to the second most common question we're being asked…

…why am I picking my skin?

Picking compulsions are psychological in nature. Just think about it – you’re doing it to yourself, no one forces you. Some inner force takes over your body, and it is often stronger than your will power.

Compulsive picking could be a symptom of a deeper distress taking place inside you. Often treating the symptoms is not enough – you need to address the cause.

Common causes of compulsive skin picking are:
  • Stress, anxiety and other psychological factors.
  • Neurological imbalance caused by overloading stress to the nervous system.
  • Chemical imbalance.
  • Traumatic events, particularly in childhood.
  • Heredity (oftentimes it runs in the family).
..these are only to name a few. All the causes are interconnected and you can expect to identify a few of them in your case.

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