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--SazzleRazzle-- , 15 Dec 2011

New, scared, alone.

Hi all, I'm Sarah. A 21 year old psych student from Leicester. I've had derma for as long as I can remember. It affects most parts of my body. Hands, fingers, feet, scalp, legs, arms, face and back. So everywhere basically. It hurts and I've got other issues too like self-harm and depression. I don't know how to beat derma. It's like an addiction to me. I guess I'd just like someone to talk too. Thanks xx
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December 15, 2011
You're not alone. I'm here with you. I'm also a psych student as well and have been suffering from derma all my life as well. I'm 29 year old now.
December 19, 2011

In reply to by justjax

Hey, I'm 20, and am also a university student. Like justjax said, you're not alone. I very recently realized my habitual picking was scaring my skin. My chest and back are pock-marked with scars from what I've done to my skin. I'm sometimes embarrassed to take of my shirt, even when I've avoided picking long enough to not have any scabs. I realized I have a problem when I picked every imperfection on my face to the point where I was embarrassed to leave my room. I had done this before, but I had never thought about before. At first I thought I was alone as well, but having read some posts on the forum here has made me feel much better; It definitely is a weight off to know other people suffer from the same compulsion and I have been finding it helpful to discuss my problem.

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