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skipatrol32 , 12 Jan 2012

22 and Time to quit

I'm a 22 year old male in college. I've had this picking problem for long as I can remember. Picking out the hairs on my face, picking out every zit, blackhead, or blemish. I'm done hiding it. Its time to stop. I can't let this control me anymore. I'm going to start recording every time I pick, and posting my progress, how long i ago without picking on here. I'm confident I can put this behind me now that I've faced up to it after years. I'm gonna stop and hopefully my progress will be a support or a help to someone else. Best of luck to the rest of you and God bless.
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January 13, 2012
I really admire your positive attitude :D I have also been doing this for far too long and the problem has flared recently and i should be going to uni in September and i really need to stop before then. Going to take your advice and start a picking diary so to speak- and keep to it!!! I really think this forum could be a life saver.
January 14, 2012
Its been a full day and progress is good. Seeing as I had some peeling scabs on my face from previous pickin I justified a little peeling off the dead skin this morning. The real test came when I shaved. Shaving always leads to picking...but not this time! That's right! Whats up now bad habit?!!! Im in control now haha! ok so truth is i popped one little whitehead, but thats it. Plus I didn't pluck any hairs all day in school. Thats HUGE progress. I only even had to catch myself once. Before now I've tried so many times to stop, tried snapping rubber bands on my wrists, all sorts of little tricks. But no matter what I found myself picking at my face. I think finally being honest with myself, admitting how out of control this was and posting it in public made the difference.
January 15, 2012

In reply to by skipatrol32

You seem to be doing well and going strong. Keep up the good work! I have a question. Did the rubber band think work for you at all? It seems like a good idea, but I guess I don't want to snap myself with a rubber band seemingly randomly in the middle of class if it doesn't actually help at all.
January 24, 2012

In reply to by Perplexie

Thanks and to be honest it helped but only for a little, eventually i just would start picking and catch myself but instead of snapping, I got lazy and just kept picking and then snapped after I had finished so it became pointless for me. But I say try it, you never know what might help
January 15, 2012
Day 3 still going strong. Not perfect, had a couple minor picks but nothin even close to the picking sessions I'm used to. My skin is already healing from my last sesh, and looking better. I can almost face people ad talk to them straight on without trying to hide the worse parts of my face by turning my head n stuff. The log is going good, I think if I add more detail to my log it will discourage me from picking even more
January 24, 2012
Its been over a week now. My skins looking better than it has in a long while. I had a relapse a couple days ago, picking away like I used to. But I'm honestly surprised at how good my skin still looks because I stopped after my relapse instead of trying to fix my own mistakes and heading into the viscous cycle. I realize thats really what it takes, you have to trust your body and trust God. Trust that your skin will heal by itself with time. Its when you try to take matters into your own hands literally that things turn south. If Im just patient with my skin it'll heal itself faster and so much better than if I try to force it. My log is going strong, I am recording any plucked hairs, popped zits, or picking including the time and details. Its really helping.

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