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L2012 , 06 May 2012

Does squeezing count as skin picking?

I do pick a little bit - when my scabs are becoming dry and flaky. But what causes the most damage for me is excessive squeezing of pimples. I squeeze so hard I have given myself bruises and caused the muscles in my arms and wrists to ache. I have this idea that there's something inside me and I need to get it out. If I do manage to get something out, apart from blood, I feel satisfied. But then I feel ashamed and guilty when I realise how much damage I've caused.
3 Answers
May 06, 2012
that is exactly what i do. It's like if there is something in them, its like poison and it has got to come out. I have caused so much damage in the past to my skin with all the squeezing, and its left lasting damage from scars. I know what you mean about feeling ashamed and guilty as well. For me, I go from feeling panic, when I first see there is a spot there, frustration - when I am trying to squeeze and nothing comes out, satisfaction when something does and then guilt and shame and disappointment after. But I am trying to turn things around now and really trying hard not to do it. Its so difficult - I have a chin full of little whiteheads at the moment just wanting to be attacked - but i am so determined now to try and leave it alone after all the pain and suffering i have put myself through.
May 09, 2012

In reply to by thinbutugly

Yea, if you apply some sort of hot compress to it, it will make it easier to pop & then you will not do as much damage as you would if you were to squeeze for an extended period of time. Unless of course you're one of us who will pop the same thing over and over, ultimately doing damage no matter what the situation is. It's such a nasty me, we all know! Best of luck to you!

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