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kimberly , 04 Jun 2012

skin picking: 5 yr old child

hello, i stumbled upon this site as i was searching for info regarding skin picking. i have a 5 yr old daughter (soon will be 6) who i am concerned about and i hope to get some input from those that have stuggled with this since young. i noticed that my daughter started to peel her nails (i used to bite my nails, like most kids do and even as an adult but never to an extreme)....about a year ago. around that same time, i noticed that she picks at her finger tip skin. i have asked why she does it and she is not able to express as to why until yesterday. yesterday, was the 1st time (that i noticed) that blood came out from her picking at her skin. i have noticed that she is extremely sensative to junk food. junk food is filled with dyes, fillers, toxins and who knows what else. and she seems to react to those. she has broken out with skin rashes in the past. once she had cotton candy (while at the circus) and she did not eat a lot of it, at started to act "drunk." i have limited her junk food intake and feel that i need to ahve her on a healthy diet 100%. other than diet, what do you recommed i do to help her stop? i have her wear cotton gloves (even to kinder) to help her not pick so much...she takes them off while snack time, but i can see she has picked at her finger tips. i have observed her and noticed that she does it while she plays with other kids or during ballet too. the night that she drew blood for the 1st time, my heart broke for her. i started to worry SO much that even i started to feel as if i was going to have a pnic attack. i want to help her. i don't want for this to get out of control. i fear infections. i fear that it will get worse. your thoughts are greatly appreciated! thank you so much! =) kim
3 Answers
June 04, 2012
It could get worse as time goes by. Get her professional help as soon as you can. Maybe wear the gloves with her so she doesn't feel strange. Show her love and hold her hands. It's a good thing this is being noticed when she is still young.
June 04, 2012

In reply to by Nicoley

hi nicoley...thank you for your reply =) that is what i fear, that her habit will get worse. this is all new to me and you are so right about showing her love and holding her hands. =) kim
June 06, 2012
I started this at an even younger age... it was my first picking spot. Let me just say: props to you for noticing and asking her about it. I don't know your daughter's personality, but I would say try and take her to a therapist if SHE consents. Therapy has helped me just because I have someone I can talk to face to face that can understand why I do things the way I do them and accepts it while trying to help me out of some of the grooves my brain has me in that I* want out of. If she has trust issues like mine, I suggest explaining what happens at therapists offices in detail. She may be a bright kid- brighter than anyone would guess. It's hard to know, even as a mother, what your child is going through. I've found a trend where the people who pick generally have good disguising skills. It's important to let her know that you are not going to assume what her problem is without letting her try and explain it first. The explanation may not come for years. You said that she does this in front of other kids? Does she like being around other kids? I know I did this in front of other kids too, but I have never been able to interact very well around people my age. Also, a good psychiatrist can help pin down a root cause. I know mine is Asperger's. Lastly, I just wanted to point out that my mother had always feared infections, too. However, I think it is more important to fear for her mind's well-being. Infections you can heal with medicine. It's more difficult to alter the patterns of one's brain to lead a happy life. I hope everything gets better. :)

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