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ew.ew.ew , 26 Jun 2012

Help please?

Basically, I have been picking for as long as I can remember, basically, if it can be got off, it's off and in my mouth so scabs, pimples, sunburn (when it peels), mosquito bites, anything, but the big problem is, I also self harm. now you can probably see what an issue this is. I have depression and am going through the necessary procedures with doctors and things but they can't know about my self harm because I'm only 16 and that confidentiality thing only goes so far as "we won't tell your parents so long at it's not a matter of keeping you safe", and I can't let my parents know. So this is all fine and dandy, I can just keep trying and failing to stop self harming until I don't need to anymore hopefully, and I'll keep digging at my scabs and eating them (I get really pissed off if I lose a scab before I can eat it) and sucking the blood out of them (yes, I have a bit of blood lust too, okay, I am fucked up shush) however, my parents recently spoke to someone whose daughter is apparently going through the same as me (as in they had bad grades and were gaining weight and getting spotty, little do they know, I have bad grades coz of my depression, I'm getting fat because I'm comfort eating and I'm getting a few spots because I pick at every single imperfection) and it turned out to be a polycystic ovary, so now I hae to go for blood tests and an ultra-sound. here comes the dilemma, I have self harm cuts all up my arm and a load on my upper thigh with a few just above the line where trousers cover. I have two days for these all to heal enough to be less noticable, which means no self harm on wrist or about trouser line and NO PICKING! the self harm I can do, but the picking... I have no idea how I am going to cope, so basically, I need suggestions, and fast, anybody? please?
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June 26, 2012
i understand that you feel you cant tell your parents about this, but im sure that you will feel a whole lot of weight being lifted off your shoulders if you do confide in someone close to you; a problem shared is a problem halved an all that...even if you dont tell them the ''whole story'', tell as much as you feel comfortable with to start... you can't go through this on your own! As for the scarring or redness, i'm trying to find an overnight cure for it too; which i think is near enough impossible :/ sudocrem is good-ish (antiseptic healing cream), savlon is ok too, it helps to keep infections at bay and smooth out the area a little but wont make the marks dissappear im afraid..... Your parents would not want you to go through this on your own, no parent wants their child hurting! depression is manageable if you seek help for it; it won't go away on its own. Be Strong, Dont Let It Beat You!! xx
June 26, 2012

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Two people know about my self harm and picking (not eating though), a close internet friend off a forum who also self harms, and my best friend, who, once again, also self harms. I know my parents wouldn't want me to be going through this, but also, what parent wants to know their child is digging at and eating scabs and also dragging a razor blade accross their skin every night, if you catch my drift? I can't let them find out, they would worry too much.. I am seeing a doctor about my depression (well I was until my parents decided it may be a poycystic ovary (whoever heard of such rubbish?) ) but I don't see any way out. the main thing is, I need to not pick my cuts on my arm for two days so they can be as un-noticable as possible.. I know I can not cut for two days, but I pick pretty much every minute of every day and I know I'm doing it, but I just can't stop... :\ my cuts are too deep to be hidden with foundation as well.
June 26, 2012
right, trying something: wet cotton wool pads with something wrapped around them overnight. the idea is to keep them moist so a pickable scab doesn't develop... it came to me bacause when I wear a watch over my self harm cuts and they are new, they go all weepy under the watch and the scabs that form arent so pickable. I have no idea if it will work but I'll update you in the morning. :)
June 27, 2012
The cotton wool pads worked amazingly, there is no red around the cuts and no scab it pick! stroke of genius if I do say so myself! :D

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