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lucysdiamonds144 , 15 Jan 2009

Am i a... picker?

Ok. Well. Im not sure if I'm in the right place but I at least get the feeling that I may be... thats a start. I came across this site after one night in my dorm room i googled "the need/urge to pick at blemishes." So the first thing that came up was this "Dermatillomania". After reading more about it i continued to research Dermatillomania ( i guess its also called Compulsive Skin Picking...pretty scientific dontcha think?) Now after the second search i found this website. I don't know what to think... i feel like i have a problem. I have pretty great skin lucky me. But every single day I feel this need to pick at something on my face or body. I usually target bigger blemishes first but i usually never have those... Next comes all those little blackheads on my nose. Then to anything i can reach or feel on my back... even any little bump on my arms legs or in very rare cases my stomach. I just have to pick. I usually wont leave something alone until i start bleeding. It's just bothersome i guess. Some times i do it and i don't even realize it. I've found myself in class feeling around my scalp for any little bump that i might get to pick at and i don't even realize what Im doin until i notice the weird looks i'll get. I've gotten better at hiding my picking obsession but the small scars on my back and arms and face say it all. It sounds like I have this CSP thing but im still unsure and embarrassed to ask anyone. It also sounds like its a form of depression... I mean i have a lot going on in my life but i didn't think that it would translate to something like this. Do i sound like a basket case? or maybe im in the right place...
2 Answers
February 28, 2009
i would say yeah it sounds like you have a problem... i have been doing it for 11 yrs and i can identify very much with what you are saying... the urge you say you have is the compulsiveness of the disorder... and not being able to overcome it could lead to very serious problems... i urge you so much to talk to a professional about it.. it doesnt sound like its at a point where it has caused serious problems for you yet since you sounded unsure but it certainly can, and sadly i think most people dont recognize this at first and dont get treated until they do have serious problems with it... but if you seek and find the help you need now, you have a better chance of avoiding these problems...

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